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Enhancement Detail

Our enhancement detail is our first step into detailing for those on a time restraint or budget , designed for vehicles with surface swirls and light blemishes.  Restoring the gloss and enhancing the appearance with out breaking the bank. 

  • Non acidic wheel cleaner applied before cleaning front and rear of wheels
  • Wheel arches thoroughly cleaned
  • Door shuts and petrol cap cleaned
  • Safe wash process using the two bucket method with ph neutral products
  • Decontamination stages tar deposits and iron removed with fallout remover
  • Clay bar decontamination to remove any final bonded contaminants leaving a slick finish
  • Rinsed with 0ppm pure water
  • Dried with plush microfiber drying towels and hot air blow dryer to remove final trapped water
  • Single stage AIO polish used to prepare the paintwork, removing light surface defects, bring back depth and gloss
  • Paintwork wiped down panel wipe or IPA to remove remaining polish residues and oils leaving the perfect clean base for protective coatings to bond to
  • A layer of synthetic sealant or wax applied up to 9 months protection (see upgrades to ceramic coatings)
  • Exterior trim dressed with a permanent trim restorer
  • Glass polished/cleaned throughout
  • Tyres dressed
  • Exhaust tail pipes cleaned
  • Final inspection and wipe down with a spray coating with panel gaps and badges, etc, cleaned down with toothpicks and our microfiber smart cards

Please note the time allocated for this service is 1.5 days.

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Prices start from £300

  • Protection Upgrade
  • Bronze Single layer ceramic: £80+
  • Silver 2 layer Ceramic paint protection: £200+
  • Gold certified only 2 layer ceramic paint protection: £250+
  • Platinum certified only 2 layer ceramic: £300+
  • Wheel protection: £50+ (ON CAR / £150 OFF CAR)
  • Window rain repellent: £50+
  • Interior protection pack: £50+
  • Fabric roof cleanse & protect: £70+
  • Paint protection film (ppf): P.O.A
  • Bolt-Ons
  • Bronze interior valet – £20+
  • Interior deep clean (inc. leather & shampoo) – £65+
  • Leather Care – £30+
  • Engine bay detail – £30+
  • Fabric roof cleanse & protect – £70+