What is detailing?
Detailing is a process where we use our skills combined with the latest products and machines to remove defects in you paintwork such as swirls marks, holograms and scratches.
Do I need to detail my brand new car?

NO! Although manufactures or dealerships don’t have the time or experience to prepare your paintwork to the level it deserves.  The improvement our services our packages make over the manufactures finish is phenomenal.  Car dealerships invariably offer old-fashioned polymer sealants, promising high levels of shine and durability. In reality, the preparation of your vehicle and application of these products is almost always sub-contracted to on-site valeters, many of whom are inadequately trained and typically rushing to meet targets.

What is the difference in your packages / how long will it take?

We offer different packages to accommodate your budget and requirements up to 100% correction where possible.  The detailing process will usually take between 1 and 5 working days to complete.

How long does the Paint Protection Film process take?

It will take between 1 and 7 working days depending on level off coverage.  This will include curing and checking time.

Can the Paint Protection Film process only be applied to a new car?
NO! PPF can be applied to any age of car as long as the paint work is in sound condition.  If you have a few stone chips or road rash and don’t want it getting worse we can still apply PPF.
Does my Paint Protection Film or coating need maintenance?
We ask all our PPF customers to call in for a safe wash and check over after 1 month to make sure the curing process has properly taken place. WE always recommend that coatings and PPF are washed regularly and safely, Staying away from costick chemicals and automated, road side car washes.  Coatings and PPF sound also receive a decontamination once a year depending on usage.